Q90 Touch Screen Smart Baby Watch GPS


Q90 Touch Screen Smart Baby Watch GPS Tracker for Kids Smartwatch Ant For Phone Blue / Pink

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  • 1.It will get a notice once the learning time is over 20 minutes.
  • 2.5 Location ways: BDS lacation method, GPS lacation method, WIFI lacation method, LBS lacation method, AGP Slacation method
  • 3.With location, you can track movement route within 30 days. You would have idea about your family’s routine, knowing your kid’s trajectory of the route fot nearly a month and you no longer have to worry about your kids not coming home after school or wandered.
  • 4.Support GPS, BDS,LBS, WIFI, AGPS five positioning system. Strength the accuracy of the positioning so you can know where your kids are anytime.
  • 5.Chinese-English pronunciation teaching, Encyclopedia comment, help the kids to know and explore new things